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America Online otherwise called AOL has been around the internet for quite a long time. It just another provider of free web-based email service like many other. It comes with a simple account interface and also a mobile app for continual access to your inbox. The most prominent feature of AOL is it’s iconic “You’ve got mail!” alert when you have unread messages in your inbox. Although it doesn’t provide you with the best features out of all other free email services, it has its own taste of features for you and they are easier to use.

Major features of this email service, AOL, include many things, out of which unlimited storage is the biggest boon. So, one need to worry about storage space and delete previous emails to add new ones. The other feature includes where you can directly import contacts from your social media group and drop in your AOL Mail address folder.  You can later customize and organise your contacts. It comes with a high security and spyware protection which helps you in spam control. There is one such tool which is trash folder which helps you spin spam emails into the trash bin, directly. You just have to enter the email id from which you want to stop getting emails. There is a suto response tool which helps you send a particular message to a group of people you set during a particular timeframe.

The most important feature of AOL email is the storage capacity which AOL has given for the attachments that you want to send. You can attach files up to the limit of 25MB. Regardless of how big the attachment is, AOL is probably the best in terms of the speed in uploading the attachment. You also have the preview option for the files, which helps you not to worry about downloading the files for viewing. You can just view it with the preview without even downloading it.


AOL password which is to be 8 characters long and unique helps you to keep your account secure and safe. But, in case you lose your AOL Mail password, you will have to recover the lost password for further use of your AOL Mail account. To recover your password, you will have to follow few steps here

Step 1. Open the official website of AOL Mail

Step 2. Sign in to your account and click on ‘forgot password’.

Step 3. Once you have clicked on it, a security question will be asked which you have answered while creating your account.

Step 4. Answer the question to continue further, if you do not remember the answer for the question given, you will have to click on ‘forgot answer’ to reset your security question.

Step 5. Change the password in the account security section.

Step 6. Enter the old password and the new desired password and save it.

Now, you have a new password setup and you can continue to your use your AOL Mail.


AOL Mail allows you to attach files to an email and share it with your friends. It has a size limit of about 25MB or upto to attach files. You can send these files in a single email or multiple emails and share it any number of people. The AOL software can also scan the attachments for security and spam reasons.

To attach files to an email in AOL Mail, you will have to follow these steps

Step 1. You can start by composing an email to your desired email address.

Step 2. Click on Choose files to attach button which is in the toolbar right below the subject line [ it displays as paper clip icon]

Step 3. To attach another file, repeat the last two steps.

Step 4. Make sure the attachments or attachment does not exceed the space limit provided by the AOL Mail.

Step 5. In case the size of the attachment exceeds, you can try file sending alternative services.

Step 6. Continue composing with your remaining message or simply just send as usual.


If in case, you are no longer using your AOL Mail account and do not want to use it further, you can delete your AOL Mail account by following these simple steps. Once, you have deactivated your account, you will no longer have the access to your AOL Mail account.

Step 1: Visit the official page of AOL Mail.

Step 2: Sign with your AOL Mail and password – Before you delete your account, you will have to access it for one last time to follow further procedure. In case, you forgot your password, follow the steps that are mentioned above.

If you are unable to access to your email id, you will have to reset your account.

Step 3: Click the ‘Manage my subscriptions’ link – You can find this in the tabs near the account options on top of the page below the graphical manner.

Step 4: Wait for your subscriptions to load – It may take a minute or so to load your subscriptions.

Step 5: Click the ‘X’ button – Now you will find the ‘X’ button underneath the subscription you want to cancel.  

Step 6: Select the reason in the drop-down menu before deleting the account. You will have to choose the appropriate reason for canceling.

Step 7: Cancel billing or cancel AOL – Click on cancel billing or cancel AOL Mail. If you are paying for AOL Mail account, you will have to clear all the bills before deleting the account. Once you have done everything, you will no longer have the access to your AOL Mail account.

Step 8: Reactivate if necessary

There are lot more change has been done in AOL Mail we will update here with more information.

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